A Welcome Value For Guests

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Stan Sarandi
March 31, 2020

rom the moment that your guests open the door to step inside their room for the night, they are immediately and automatically assessing their experience. Most often, they're looking for comfort, beauty, and convenience.

Be A Welcoming Sight

Here are a few quick tips for wowing guests at first sight:

  • Add flowers or a simple welcome gift
  • Have a hand-written or printed card placed on an in-room table or night stand to welcome guests
  • Provide a sign with information on how guests can receive access to forgotten or lost items such as toothbrushes, sunscreen, or phone chargers.
  • Use high-power cleaners with fresh scents to ensure that guests are treated to a welcoming aroma as soon as they entire their guest room.
  • Consider offering a complementary coupon or discount on beverages, meals, or snacks and personalizing the offer by including the guest's name on the coupon or sign that promotes the offer.

These simple, little things can make help to make your guests' experience extra special.

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