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We help contractors, designers, architects, developers, purchasers and hotel owners bring their vision to life. How? It's simple. We work hard to fulfill the needs of architectural woodwork and cabinets in accordance with design specifications - and in all that we do, we have an unwavering commitment to Honesty, Integrity, and Ethical Businesses Practices that put the needs of our employees and clients first...always!

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romises That Are Kept

We are committed to ensuring the following:
  • You'll receive your products on time
  • You'll receive quality products (we only produce products of superior quality)
  • Your products will reflect the standards and branding of your hotel or resort franchise
  • You'll receive our experienced, expert guidance and recommendations each step of the way, along with reliable communication to answer your questions and keep you informed about the status of your order

Promises matter. When we give our word, we mean it! Count on Sarandi Manufacturing for dedicated attention to detail and customer satisfaction on every project.

"I am personally committed to ensuring that I, alongside our team, always serve you to the best of our abilities." - Stan Sarandi

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