Client Spotlight: Elements Hospitality

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December 1, 2020

e had an opportunity to speak with Tim Broersma, President of Elements Hospitality and Kris Shimkus, Project Manager.

At Sarandi Manufacturing, we are very pleased to work with the professionals at Elements Hospitality and appreciate their feedback of our work:

"We had a seven-property project with Hilton Garden Inns that involved a lot of precise and heavy millwork.  In addition, every property’s needs were unique. I appreciated the fact that Sarandi was aligned with me with regard to the importance of details and precise shop drawings with no stone left unturned.  What was also very helpful was that Tim Snider flew out to the first install site and walked through the install with us.  As a consequence, we really nailed it." - Kris Shimkus, Project Manager for Elements Hospitality

Who They Are:

Elements Hospitality is a live environment General Contractor. Hospitality projects are at the core of their services. Their reputation positions them as among the very best. Elements Hospitality has built their people, process, goals and methods around executing projects (regardless of size) in live, open and fully functioning hospitality business settings.

Elements Hospitality has strategically built a team of men and women who draw from professional experience within the industries of both Hospitality and Construction. Their team is comprised of professionals with experience in hospitality ownership, brand management, asset management, general management, construction management, owners’ representation, project management and countless amounts of diverse field experience in managing hospitality projects.

In their words: “By understanding our customers environment, we better anticipate their needs, eliminate steps and create more efficient ways to service them, resulting in less burden for our customer, and more efficient work flow for our team.”

Because the owners of Elements Hospitality are men of faith, their purpose is as solid as their commitment to excellence in all that they do.

"Our faith is our conscience. Our trust gives us confidence, and God’s strength is our fuel. Biblically, we are servants of the Lord and are building His heavenly kingdom here on earth. With continued projects, success, and profitability comes the ability and responsibility to further the lives of our people and their families, as well as the mission to give back to the local and global community through charitable giving, and specific project development with global partners.”

In our conversation with Tim, he was quick to point out that life is too short to spend time running after individual projects instead of work that is meaningful.  

Tim says: “When you build a team and an environment that supports meaningful relationships, jobs and issues are handled differently; and employees naturally want to fight for the customers.”

In speaking with Kris Shimkus, we asked what he felt made Elements Hospitality special. He immediately replied, “The ownership group is very caring and takes care of employees. The company is very relational. We don’t strive for single market opportunities. Instead, we focus on establishing long term relationships.”

Perhaps our biggest take-away from speaking with Tim Broersma and Kris Shimkus is that while the quality of the work done by Elements Hospitality is exceptional, that only accounts for part of their success. Their continuous focus on a culture that creates an environment that’s conducive to meaningful work for their employees combined with their commitment to building meaningful customer relationships is truly priceless.

Elements Hospitality is a rare blend of Christian values held by the owners, embraced by their full team alongside their individual team members’ personal beliefs, to create a working environment where employees are genuinely committed to long-term relationships where clients are valued and their interests are put first.

The website for Elements Hospitality offers a fitting conclusion as it states:

“What better legacy can we write than one where we are known by our clients to be good people that provide a good value and are ones that can be trusted. By being transparent, showing humility and remaining true to our purpose we can accomplish just about anything.”

Visit Elements Hospitality online, here.

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