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Sarandi Manufacturing is pleased to present artwork by Master Wood Carver, Peter Nosikov. Now, you can incorporate your logo, emblem, mascot or other branding directly into your projects with Sarandi Manufacturing for breathtaking results.

Your Logo

Have your logo, mascot, or emblem carved into furnishings, exterior or interior column wraps, pillars, and more.

Landmarks & Buildings

Capture your campus's prominent landmarks or buildings by having them carved into your architectural millwork.

Custom Artwork

From animals and scenery to flowers and characters, we can provide any sort of custom artwork into your millwork with Peter Nosikov, a Master Wood Carver with Sarandi Manufacturing.
Peter Nosikov:

"Wood carving is a traditional folk decorative art, widespread throughout the world, and is an art form that transforms and brings life to wood"

Peter Nosikov, was born in 1974. Since childhood, he has spent his time drawing and modeling. In the year of 1989, Peter graduated from art school, but decided not to stop there and entered the Higher Art Academy of Folk Crafts, in the direction of wood carving.

After acquiring the skills and techniques of wood carving, he opened a creative workshop "TREEMASTER".

More than once, Peter was a participant "International Wood Culture Society" in different countries of the world.  

Today, Peter has amassed a great deal of experience in this craft with more than 30 years of experience.

In 2021, Peter migrated to the United States, where he continues to implement creative ideas and create new projects of artistic wood carving.

Where do ideas and inspiration for his work come from? Peter says that ideas are everywhere. Nature and the world are majestic - just to manage to have time to draw out and extract beauty from it!

Some may think that artwork can be easy. You simply imagine, draw, and just do it. But in reality, to create any work of art, patience, skill and desire are needed in order to make a truly worthy product.

In each created work that he creates, Peter puts applies not only his skills, but also a piece of his soul, because, to Peter, products without a "soul" will not be complete and be truly art.

Furniture with elements of artistic carving has always been a luxury, decorating rich interiors of houses. Subsequently, such furniture became the property of museums or complemented the collections of exquisite connoisseurs of art.

The carving on a piece of furniture does not give only a rich look and décor, but also displays the history of the era in the style of which it is made.

All wood carvings are exclusively handmade. For every project, Peter uses only chisels and knives. He doesn't use machines that are designed for carving. For Peter, "no machine-tool or machine is able to create a thread in which everything will be perfect: smooth lines, the disclosure of softness, plasticity and color of wood." Of course, for the production of work of this level with its manual method, requires a substantial amount of time. But for both Peter and each customer, the end result is worth the effort.

Sarandi Manufacturing has always been passionate about brand integrity. We serve internationally-recognized brands and understand that colors, logos, and style are important elements in any commercial construction project.

Now, we are pleased to offer the unique artwork of Peter Nosikov. Whether you would like to incorporate your company's logo, your team's mascot, your campus's most recognizable landmark, or a specific, custom character, animal, landscape, building, or unique design into your architectural millwork, we can make it happen through Peter's immense talents as a Master Wood Carver.

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